Types of Photos You’ll Get with Uehara Photography

Welcome to Uehara Photography!
My passion is capturing Moments. Action. People.
When you want to have a high-end photo-narrative of you doing what you do, that’s when I come in.
Here is a list of what I can capture for you and your network:
🔹 Environmental Portraits
🔹 Sports
🔹 Camping
🔹 Traditions in the Home
🔹 Small Business Documentaries
🔹 Corporate Trips
🔹 Travel Delegations
🔹 Products in Use
🔹 Lifestyle Moments
🔹 Activities with the Family
🔹 Processes of All Kinds: Film Production, Concerts, Conferences, Services
🔹 Speaking Engagements
🔹 Outdoor Events
🔹 Nonprofit + Business Functions
🔹 Elopements, YES!
🔹 Personal Hobbies + Interests
🔹 Climbing/Structure-Scaling
🔹 A Day in the Life
🔹 NYC Lifestyle Captures
Aaaaand here’s what I don’t do:
🔻 Full-on weddings
🔻 Bar/t Mitvahs
(You can email me for a great reco for these wonderful life experiences!)

If you have any questions, please do let me know by clicking above on any communication mode you prefer.