Exhibitor Power Photo Packages from
Podfest 2023’s Official Photographer

Nothing says, “Success!” like  action photographs showing YOU AND YOUR COMPANY in action, talking with ideal customers.

(Here’s one of my favorite tips to share with folks: ALWAYS, ALWAYS get photographic proof that you and your company have made a presence somewhere, especially at a conference – no matter the size! Why? Because they all add up over time – and, what I call the “Repurpose Factor” can be HUGE!)

So let’s get you and your company’s professional photographs all set in the Exhibitor Hall at Podfest 2023!

Isn’t hard to focus on sharing your service and products when, in the back of your mind, you’re thinking, “I’ve got to get some photos while I’m here, but I can’t stop now…”

Take that added stress off yourself and outsource it so you can be fully present, share your company with others and also enjoy your time at the event.

You won’t have to look back and think, “Dang it! I should’ve taken some photos at the conference!” #noregrets

 in actionLet’s take your brand further than a smartphone pic, shall we?

Hiring a professional photographer (who is also a business owner and attends many events) will get you those action shots that will set you apart, build your brand – and show your business in action.

Exhibitor Power Photo Package

$275 until Jan 25th; $350 Jan 26th~Jan 29th

.Package Includes:
❖ 10 Minutes of Photographer’s Dedicated Time Solely on You and YourCompany’s Exhibitor Booth
❖ 5 Total Digital Images: Color, High-Resolution JPGs
❖ Simple Editing
❖ Expedient Turn-Around
*Additional sessions and images may be purchased.
First-come, first-served.
All sales are final, and there are no refunds.


About Uehara Photography
Hi, I’m Lee Uehara,** and I created the energy behind this company without knowing it when I was just five years old…that’s when my father gave me my first camera.

I’ve been a photographer for 25+ years – remember I started when I was 5? LOL. Anyhoo, I was classically trained from back when ya had to stop at the photo hut to get filmed developed – remember that?

I understand what it means to have professional photographs taken while you’re doing your thing. And what’s more? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting those action shots of folks in their element: sharing their message and expertise to a captive audience. It doesn’t matter if that is an audience of one, by the way. All it takes is one. But, you already know that.

When we work together, I’m not just your personal photographer but also your coach – if you like. I’ll give you my tips for being a great speaker and also my tips on how to be photographed as a speaker.

**That’s pronounced “waaay-ha-rah” – like “waaay to go!” It’s Japanese, btw.