Image of Lee Uehara as little girl holding camera and as an adult holding a camera

About Uehara Photography
Hi, I’m Lee Uehara,** and I’ve been capturing moments, action, and people since I was five years old—that’s when my father gave me my first camera!

I’ve been a photographer for 30+ years, classically trained the old-fashioned way with film and Ansel Adams’s Zone System. I won my my first award—and published commission—in high school.

As a speaker, I understand what it means to have professional photographs taken while you’re doing your thing. And what’s more? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting those action shots and photo-journals of people in their element: Sharing their message and expertise to a captive audience and their “Day in the Life of” moments and processes.

When we work together, I’m not just your personal photographer but also your coach – if you like. As a professional speaker, I’ll not only give you my tips on giving a great talk but I’ll also share my tips on how to be photographed as a speaker.

Aside from taking speaker photos, I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE documenting moments when people are in action doing their thing! Read more about all the types of photography I focus on HERE.

And, if you like my vibe and feel we’ll be a great match, shall we get started?

 Random Facts About Me
Who knew my journalism background would enable me to jump knee-deep into podcasting?! My fun show offering fun, random tips for life is House of Lee NYC, and my hyper-local news show I do while walking my dog is Upper West Side Corner Talk. P.S., I am the co-founder of the Asian American Podcasters Association; Podthon.com; and NYC Podcasters—join us!

I love am obsessed with the cutest Japanese character ever, Gudetama. It means “lazy egg.” He’s so lazy, he rolls around in his bacon blanket and sleeps all day.

I’ve been on the executive boards for my kid’s local non-profit sports league and PTA; I’ve climbed Mt. Fuji – the way down is the worst (for the knees, btw); and I’ve ridden my motorcycle to Alaska and back. A few years ago, I got a rescue dog, and I am smitten.

What about you? I’d love to connect, so please do reach out.

**”Uehara” is pronounced “waaay-ha-rah” – like “waaay to go!” Fun Fact: It’s Japanese!

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