Image of Lee Uehara as little girl holding camera and as an adult holding a camera

Hi, I’m Lee Uehara,** and I created the energy behind this company without knowing it when I was just five years old…at least, that’s when I got my first camera…LOL.

I’ve been a photographer for 25+ years – remember, I started when I was 5? Anyhoo, I was classically trained from back when ya had to stop at the photo hut to get filmed developed – remember that?

As an experienced speaker myself, I understand the value of having professional photographs taken while you’re up there doing your thing. (I’ve spoken at major podcasting and journalism conferences across the country. Why, I even gave a closing keynote speech, last-minute, in my terrible Japanese as a pinch hitter for someone who didn’t show — so I’m right there with you!)

And what’s more?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting those action shots of folks in their element: sharing their message and expertise to a captive audience. It doesn’t matter if that is an audience of one, by the way. All it takes is one. But, you already know that.

When we work together, I’m not just your personal photographer but also your coach – IF you like. I’ll share with you my tips for being a impactful speaker and also my tips on how to be photographed as a speaker.

Let’s get started, shall we?

 Random Facts About Me
I used my formal journalism background to jump knee-deep into podcasting. My fun show about life’s random tips for resourceful living is House of Lee NYC, and my news show is Upper West Side Corner Talk. P.S., I am the co-founder of the Asian American Podcasters Association; Podthon.com, a virtual conference highlighting speakers of color; and the NYC Podcasters Network  – join us!

I love am obsessed with the cutest Japanese character ever, Gudetama. It means “lazy egg.” He’s so lazy, he rolls around in his bacon blanket and sleeps all day.

I’ve been on the executive boards for my kid’s local non-profit sports league and the PTA; I’ve climbed Mt. Fuji – the way down is the worst (for the knees, btw); and I’ve ridden my motorcycle to Alaska and back. Most recently, I got a dog, and I am smitten. So that’s been fun.

What about you? I’d love to connect, so please do reach out.

**That’s pronounced “Waaay-ha-rah” – like “Waaay to go!” I know, the double-vowels in Japanese get me, too. 

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